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3rd November 2022

Motasoft Customer Survey Results

During our previous release in the Spring of 2022, we launched a survey where we reached out to everyone to get an idea of which features they would love to see in our products. The… Continue Reading

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31st October 2022

VGM New Features November 2022

As we approach the end of 2022, we reflect on our previous release, which saw the launch of VHC video capture, new dashboard widgets and improvements to various other aspects of VGM (click here to… Continue Reading

30th March 2022

Feature Spotlight – New Dashboard Widgets

Introducing a wide range of Dashboard Widgets  At the end of 2021, we introduced the new customisable dashboard - a new central hub for VGM that you and your technicians can entirely customise. The feedback we've had has been incredibly positive, and we intend to release a new wave of widgets with each upcoming release of VGM.  Our primary focus… Continue Reading

30th March 2022

Feature Spotlight – Improved Sales Document Grid The much-improved sales document grid.  Over the past three months, our development team has torn apart and rebuilt the sales document grid - one of the most used screens within VGM.  A lot of the feedback we've received regarding this area of VGM is that, while helpful, grouping invoices, quotes and credits into a single view isn't always ideal.… Continue Reading

30th March 2022

Feature spotlight – VHC Video

Capture video alongside your vehicle health check.  As part of our first 2022 release, we're pleased to introduce a much-requested feature - the ability to capture video alongside a vehicle health check.  Using VGM Technician, our technician companion app, your technicians can perform a full vehicle health check. They can mark items that have issues, record data such as tread… Continue Reading

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28th March 2022

VGM New Features March 2022

In our previous release, we launched the new user customisable dashboard for VGM, online payment for our online booking systems, and countless quality of life updates to job-sheets and document conversion (click here to read… Continue Reading

15th December 2021

Feature spotlight – booking system online payment, servicing checklists and quotable work.

As part of our December 2021 release, we've added a couple more features to our booking system that we want to let you know about. Online Payment with PayPal. You can now take payments through the online booking system using PayPal if you wish. All that's required is that you have a PayPal business account. We've put together some documentation… Continue Reading

15th December 2021

Feature introduction – User dashboard

We are introducing VGMs new fully customisable, interactive Dashboard. We've been brainstorming and prototyping our new Dashboard as part of our commitment to reinvigorate parts of Virtual Garage Manager. The Dashboard allows you and your technicians to create their virtual whiteboard, where you can highlight critical business information visible in an instant. Regular feedback that we receive is that as… Continue Reading

15th December 2021

Feature updates – new VHC features

We enhanced our VHC functionality substantially earlier in the year by allowing your technicians to add photos to checklists. This functionality has been a great success, with some users taking thousands of images. With our December release, we add some much-needed management functionality to make it easier to keep on top of all the health checks in progress. Here is… Continue Reading

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15th November 2021

VGM New Features November 2021

We added much-requested functionality to our new VHC platform during our summer release, including image capture to the technician companion app and a brand new customer-facing VHC report.  While we are hard at work adding… Continue Reading