VGM New Features March 2024

VGM New Features March 2024

28th February 2024

Exiting new features for the future of VGM. 

As part of our first release of 2024, we’ve added a huge amount of features to our all-new web-based garage management solution. Working alongside a small group of early alpha testers, we’ve responded to direct feedback to ensure that VGM, and its successor, can remain central to your business for years to come. 

A brief overview of the brand new interface for VGM

Scheduler & Task Management Enhancements:  
Our update significantly bolsters the scheduler and task management capabilities, introducing customizable layouts and improved functionality for optimal resource and time allocation. These enhancements facilitate precise scheduling and task assignments, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Jobsheet Overhaul:  
We’ve reimagined jobsheet management with a comprehensive overhaul, enhancing flexibility and detail in task and customer information handling. This update makes jobsheet processes more intuitive and streamlined, enabling you to manage operations with greater ease and accuracy. 

Sales Document Enhancements: 
The upgrade extends to our sales document functionalities, where invoicing and payment processes have been significantly refined. With these enhancements, you’ll experience more robust and adaptable financial transaction capabilities, enhancing your interactions with customers and simplifying backend processes. 

General Platform Improvements:  
Across the platform, we’ve implemented a wide array of general improvements aimed at boosting usability, enhancing communication, and refining data management. These upgrades contribute to a smoother, more productive user experience, supporting your business’s efficiency and growth. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing some more blog posts that will go over these improvements in greater detail. 

Join us on the Journey Forward 

We’re still busy adding features to this new platform, but if you’re interested in testing the new features early, you can join our beta program by getting in touch with us using the live chat within VGM or by dropping an email to We’ll then schedule some time to go through the new features with you. We’re primarily looking for users which already heavily use jobsheets and the various planners inside of VGM, and for companies that are happy to provide us with lots of feedback.  

New Features and Enhancements to VGM. 

While we’ve been bringing features across to our new platform, we’ve also implemented a number of features and enhancements to VGM, including the following much requested features: 

Slot type addons
We’ve added the ability to add ‘addons’ to slot types within VGM, for example, to add a VHC to any service slot type. You can create a template of jobsheet items that are to be automatically added alongside the slot type when its added to a jobsheet. 

Check out the documentation here.

image 4

Additional Customer Contact information 
You can now add additional contact information to a customer within VGM, such as additional email addresses and phone numbers. 

Check out the documentation here.

image 1

HGV MOT History 
We now have an integration working with the DVSA to get MOT History for HGVs. 

image 3

Default CC email addresses 
A much requested feature was the ability to add default cc addresses to emails. This can now be configured within VGM by adding email addresses to CC to certain document types. 

Check out the documentation here.

image 2

Itemised list of VGM fixed bugs and enhancements. 

For a full itemised list of enhancements and bug fixes, check out the list below: 



  • Define ‘addons’ against a slot type, that get automatically added to a jobsheet upon creation. 
  • Added the ability to add additional customer contact information. 
  • HGV MOT History is now available against HGV’s. 
  • Users can now configure default cc email addresses against document types. 
  • Branches can now dynamically create purchase order numbers in the same way as other sales documents. (Check out the documentation here)
  • Added a calculated stock level column in parts to improve performance in various parts searches. 
  • A T9 / T5 VAT Code will be added to new branches by default. 
  • Show Purchase Order reference on Purchase Invoice. 

Bug fixes: 

  • When creating multiple sales invoices from a Jobsheet, advisories are moved to the last sales invoice. 
  • Fixed an edge case where re-creating sales invoices from a jobsheet can sometimes create duplicate sales receipts. 
  • Fixed a bug when Inserting a jobsheet item or sales invoice item wouldn’t always set the value correctly for creating slot type reminders. 
  • Creating MOT Reminders – Fixed an edge case where some reminders could have a sent date set in the past 
  • Amended the styling for SMS failures in the communication history component, to show errors more clearly. 
  • Fixed an issue where the estimated hours on labour weren’t always updating the quantity field. 
  • Prevent the option of adding VHC’s as Tyre Addons 
  • Fixed a bug where updating a customer clears the XERO contact 
  • VHC item counts don’t include Boolean item types. 
  • Dashboards – Slot Type widgets updated to include bookings as well as jobsheets. 
  • Fixed an issue where merging jobsheets wasn’t pulling over comments. 
  • Report – Technician Efficiency wasn’t showing items that didn’t have any tasks yet. 
  • Company portal – When creating a Xero contact if the reference field has just white space it’ll try to use that as a unique contact number. 
  • MOT reminders service – Fixed an issue where VGM wasn’t clearing down reminders that are due to be sent when a customer has already created a booking. 

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