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Quotes & Estimates

VGM helps you to keep track of all of your potential work.

Generate quotes/estimates quickly and easily.
Your quotes are securely stored and easily accessible.
Upon approval, go from quote to job or invoice with one click.
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VGM keeps track of quotes & estimates.

VGM will keep a complete record of all quotes and estimates given to your customers for any potential work.

Easily searchable.

Quotes can be easily tracked down by searching for the customer’s name or the registration of the vehicle.

Given the go-ahead!

Should the customer want to go ahead with the quote, it can be converted into a jobsheet or straight into an invoice instantly. Upon conversion, all the parts and labour that was originally added gets automatically added to your jobsheet or quote.

Frequenty asked questions

Yes, you can, we have a filter which will allow you to only see quotations that have yet to be converted into a job.

Sure you can, much like invoices quotes can be easily sent to the customer's email address with a couple of clicks.

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