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Garage Software from Motasoft.

Are you looking for Garage Management Software?

Virtual Garage Manager is the perfect solution for managing all aspects of your workshop in a straight-forward and easy way.

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The all-in-one Garage Management Software solution for UK Garages by Motasoft.

Virtual Garage Manager is trusted by over a 1000 garages nationwide and is a complete Garage Management Software solution.

VGM includes a wide range of features to help you aid your garage, including a workshop diary, online booking, messaging (SMS & Email), reminders, job sheets, invoicing, reporting data import/export, postcode lookup, VRM lookup and so much more – all with FREE setup.

Value of online bookings received by Motasoft's booking systems and websites in 2019
SMS & Email reminders sent for MOT tests and other services.
Active garages using our products throughout the United Kingdom.

Tried, Tested, Trusted.

At Motasoft we’ve been helping garages like yours to keep on top of their day to day business for over a decade now, and that’s why our software is trusted by hundreds of garage owners across the UK.

VGM has been designed and built by garage owners who know what it takes to run a successful garage with over 30 years experience within the motor trade, which is why we believe our Garage Management Software is built like no other.
broomhill garage
broomhill garage

Never a problem when looking to get updates to my Website…

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renovo garage
renovo transparent

We use the system every day, and it is fantastic. The support you get…

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Roy Windebank Auto Engineers LTD
Roy Windebank Auto Engineers LTD

Switched to Motasoft a few weeks ago and we must say the system is…

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C&C Motors
C&C Motors

Great management system for workshops. The team at Motasoft are…

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Somerset Tyres & Servicing Ltd
Somerset Tyres & Servicing Ltd

Where do I begin… we contacted Motasoft to enquire about there …

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cotgrave forcourt
cotgrave logo 1

What can I say? These guys have been a breath of fresh air…

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Frequently asked questions

Motasoft started out in the early 2000s when the early version of our garage management software was developed for the founders' own garage.

In 2006, Motasoft was officially formed, developing garage management software and websites for motor trade businesses.

There is no long term contract with any of our products, all we required is 1 months notice to cancel your subscription.

We're confident in our products and don't feel the need to tie anyone into a long term contract.

We've invested heavily into our own cloud infrastructure to ensure our services are resilient. We have backups running throughout the day and servers located in 3 cities across the UK to ensure that your data is always safe.

Motasoft is completely GDPR compliant. What's more, all of the products that we sell will assist you in being GDPR compliant.

Motasoft has a dedicated website management team in place to ensure you get the most out of your website, with ongoing SEO services we will continue to work on your website to make sure it has the best chance of being found on Google.

Using Motasoft’s garage software you can submit your tax returns directly to HMRC without the hassle of using 3rd party accounting software.

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