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Order Parts with GSF Car Parts Directly from VGM

An Integrated Parts Ordering Solution with GSF Car Parts and VGM

Seamless Integration: VGM seamlessly links your GSF Car Parts account and VGM.
Effortless Ordering: Quickly order parts from jobsheets and sales invoices.
Reduce Errors: Automatic sales document creation ensures accuracy.
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Order Parts Directly from Within VGM

We are excited to introduce our new partnership with GSF Car Parts, providing an integrated solution for ordering parts directly from VGM. Customers with a GSF Car Parts account can now easily link their account to VGM, browse the parts catalog, and place orders all within the VGM platform.

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Browse Parts Using GSF’s Interface

Experience the simplicity of browsing parts using GSF’s own interface. With intuitive navigation and comprehensive search capabilities, finding the right parts for your needs has never been easier.

Create a Basket of Parts for a Job or Invoice

Build a basket of parts for your job or sales invoice seamlessly. As you find the parts you need, simply add them to your basket. Once your basket is complete, send it to VGM with just a click.

Add the Parts to the Job in VGM and Order

VGM picks up your basket, and when you confirm, the order is made directly to GSF. The parts are then automatically added to your job or sales invoice, streamlining your workflow and reducing errors.

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If you’re ready to enhance your garage management system with integrated parts ordering, contact us today to get started. Our team is here to support you in making the most of this powerful new feature.

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