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VGM Technician is the essential app with a suite of VHC features

An add-on to VGM, VGM Technician allows your technicians to:

Manage their daily tasks.
Perform Vehicle Health Checks.
View digital job cards.
Clock on and off of jobs.
Send digital VHC reports to customers.
Add photo and video evidence of vehicle faults to a VHC*.

*Images and video functionality available as part of our enhanced media package for £20 per month. Fair usage applies.

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VGM Technician puts daily task management in your technicians’ hands.

Using our technician companion app, your technicians can manage their daily tasks, saving hours each week by staying focused. They can:

Manage daily tasks
Your technicians can view which tasks and jobs are assigned to them.
Time tracking
Using the clock-on/clock-off feature, your technicians can track the amount of time they spend on jobs, allowing you to ensure your workshop runs efficiently.
Task completion
As your technicians finish a job, they can mark tasks as complete, keeping them focused on outstanding work.
Technician efficiency
Using VGM's reporting suite you can generate a detailed breakdown of hours worked by your technicians. Each technician will also be assigned an overall efficiency rating for their performance over a specific period.

View the entire job card.

While the tasks are small, achievable chunks of work, your technicians can also access the entire job card, including customer and vehicle information, labour, bookings and parts.


As your technicians are performing a task or looking through a job card, they can add advisories.

Advisories can then be included as part of any printouts to be given to the customer to inform them of any recommended work you advise immediately or later.


Your technicians can also add comments as they perform a task or job. Comments are an internal communication tool to discuss a specific job amongst colleagues.

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Instant notifications.

Your technicians will receive instant notifications when tasks are assigned to them, when tasks are moved or re-assigned and when comments are added to their tasks.

Vehicle Health Check with VGM Technician.

Using the technician companion app, your technicians can perform incredibly in-depth vehicle health checks (VHC).

VGM Technician users will also unlock a suite of tools to manage vehicle health checks from inside VGM.

Create your own VHC templates
Add photos, videos & notes
Manage completed VHCs with VGM
Send interactive, digital VHC reports
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Create your own VHC templates.

From within VGM, you can create your own VHC templates with different item types, including traffic lights, tyre sizes and numeric values.

Add photos, videos and notes.

When performing a VHC, your technicians can add notes and take photos from within the app (and soon video and audio) and store them against items within a vehicle health check*.

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Managing completed Vehicle Health Checks with VGM.

From within VGM, you can view and edit your vehicle health checks, as well as print out completed jobsheets alongside your job cards.

Send your customers an interactive, digital VHC report.

Once you have completed a vehicle health check, you can send your customer a link to a digital VHC report using our new platform,

From VGM, you can send your customer a link via email or SMS. Your customer can then view their completed VHC on any device, alongside any notes and images you have taken.

You can view an example VHC report here.

*Additional charge for media.


Take a closer look

VGM Technician has been designed to look great, and work flawlessly on Android and IOS.


Frequently asked questions

The app is developed to work on Android (8.0+) and IOS (11+). We personally recommend the Samsung Galaxy A7 tab as it's not too costly and it's the tablet we primarily develop on (alongside a recent iPhone and iPad). VGM Technician is only available through the google Play Store and the Apple app store.
We cannot recommend Amazon Fire devices, as they ship with modified opperating systems and don't come with the Google Play Store installed by default.

VGM Technician costs £20 per month but requires you already by subscribed to Virtual Garage Manager.

If you want to store photos, video and audio against your VHC checklist items, you'll also need the enhanced media package which is a further of £20 per month. This cost will cover the expense of storing, processing and serving your media via Amazon Web Services.

We won't be implementing a hard limit on the maximum number of images and videos you can store and implementing a fair-use policy to prevent fraud and abuse of the services. Our fair-use limit is 10GB worth of data (approx. 25,000 images depending on image size) per branch, which we believe to be sufficient for most businesses.

Additional usage above the fair use limit may result in additional charges.

Without the technician companion app, there is no way to complete VHC's.

We have a wide range of features lined up, including:

  • Adding a video to VHC's, so you can communicate issues and advisories via video.
  • Service checklists.
  • Vehicle damage inspections.
  • Enhancing the digital VHC report to allow quotation and online booking for advisories and items that require urgent attention.
  • Queuing automated reminders via SMS and email for future advisories (e.g., tread depths).

We're also looking for feedback if we're missing features that could be valuable.

Interested in VGM Technician?

Get VGM technician for Virtual Garage Manager for only £20/month on our standard package or £40/month for our enhanced media package (photos & videos).

These prices includes
unlimited users, so all of the technicians at your branch can download and use the app.