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Customer & vehicle history

Keep a complete record of all your previous jobs and access them with ease.

Keep track of all vehicles that you have worked on.
Run reports that will show you every job you've done on a particular vehicle and every part used.
Promptly find which vehicle you ordered specific parts for, and what the parts' warranty period is.
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Quickly search for jobs by customer or vehicle.

VGM keeps a running record of every job you do. You can easily find previous jobs in seconds by merely searching for the registration of the vehicle or the name of the owner.

You’ll get a dated list of every instance that the vehicle has been in your garage. You’ll also see every hour of labour you’ve done, every service performed, any advisories given, and any parts supplied.

To help keep track of any claims that come in, you can also see who you purchased the parts from and what the warranty period was at the time.

New feature

MOT History lookup.

We know how critical reminders are for repeat business. Using VGM’s free MOT Lookup feature, you can access up-to-date MOT history data directly from the DVSA. All you need is the vehicle’s registration.

Using the most recent expiry date of the vehicle VGM will generate an MOT reminder automatically and send it once the time comes.

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Built-in lookup facilities including postcode and VRM.

VRM lookup.

VRM has a great built-in vehicle registration lookup feature at highly competitive rates. The VRM lookup will provide you with a vehicle’s make, model, fuel capacity and much more within a few seconds. There is also the option to retrieve tyre measurements if required.

Postcode lookup.

Get up to date address details instantly with integrated postcode lookup.

Frequenty asked questions

Yes we can - providing the data supplied is in a usable format we will import it free of charge as part of the setup process.

The data is and will always be yours. Should you ever want to cancel your subscription with us we will pack up your data and transfer it to you.

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