Feature Spotlight – Sales Document Enhancements

Feature Spotlight – Sales Document Enhancements

5th April 2024
A brief overview of some of the new sales functionality coming to our new interface for VGM

Revolutionizing Financial Management with Enhanced Sales Invoicing and Receipts 

In the latest version 3.8 update, we’re thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in financial management capabilities within our platform. By integrating and enhancing the trusted sales invoice and receipt functionalities from VGM, we’re delivering a seamless and robust financial toolkit designed to simplify and elevate your billing and payment processes. These enhancements not only streamline existing workflows but also introduce new levels of flexibility and efficiency in managing financial transactions. 

Comprehensive Sales Invoicing 

Building on the solid foundation of VGM’s sales invoicing capabilities, we’ve carried forward all the essential features you’ve come to rely on, while making strategic improvements to meet the evolving needs of your business. The upgraded sales invoice functionality now allows for the creation of multiple invoices from a single jobsheet, empowering you to manage billing with unprecedented ease. Alongside this, we’ve refined the process for making VAT adjustments, ensuring that managing taxes is more straightforward and less time-consuming. 

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Enhanced Sales Receipts 

We understand that flexibility in payment processing is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and positive customer relationships. That’s why we’ve significantly enhanced our sales receipts capabilities, offering you more control over creating, editing, and allocating payments across multiple invoices. This update ensures that your financial management is not only more efficient but also fully aligned with the real-time dynamics of your business, facilitating accurate and up-to-date financial oversight. 

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Join Us on the Journey Forward 

Eager to see these innovative features in action or interested in shaping the future of our platform as a beta tester? We’d love to hear from you! Your insights and feedback are invaluable in our continuous effort to enhance our solutions to meet your needs. Drop us a message directly within VGM or reach out via email at to get started. Together, let’s redefine efficiency and productivity for your business. 

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