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Seamless Card Payments with Our takepayments Integration

Streamline Your In-Person Transactions and Enhance Efficiency

Push transactions to terminals straight from VGM.

Minimise errors and mitigate fraud risks with precise, automated transaction details

Enjoy competitive rates tailored to your business needs.
Efficient transaction management with detailed insights and easy linking to Sales Receipts or Sales Refunds.
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Discover the power of our takepayments integration, designed to simplify your in-person card transactions. With competitive rates and contracts, our integration offers an efficient solution for managing your card payments. Experience the ease of using card terminals and enjoy a smoother customer experience. Get started today!

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Effortless In-Person Card Transactions

Our takepayments integration enables you to process in-person card payments quickly and easily using card terminals. By directly integrating with our platform, you can manage all your transactions in one place and provide a smooth experience for your customers.

Competitive Rates and Contracts

takepayments offers highly competitive rates tailored to suit your needs. Enjoy the flexibility and cost savings provided by our takepayments integration.

Detailed Transaction Management

The takepayments integration allows you to view comprehensive transaction details and link transactions to Sales Receipts or Sales Refunds within VGM. This centralised management ensures a streamlined workflow, making it easier for you to keep track of all your transactions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With our integration, you can offer a faster and more secure payment process for your customers. The efficient card terminals provided by takepayments ensure a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

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Ready to simplify your in-person card transactions and benefit from competitive rates? Get started with our takepayments integration today! Contact us now to learn more and transform your payment processing experience.

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