4th July 2024

Elevate Your Jobsheet Management with VGM’s New Gantt Chart Feature

We're excited to introduce a transformative Gantt chart view in our VGM successor, designed to revolutionize how you manage and visualize jobsheets. Key Benefits of the Gantt Chart View Comprehensive Visualization: See all tasks, timelines,… Continue Reading

2nd July 2024

Elevating Booking Management in Our VGM Successor

We're excited to roll out significant enhancements to the booking management system within our VGM successor, currently available to our dedicated beta testers. These updates are designed to streamline your booking and jobsheet processes, making… Continue Reading

27th June 2024

Simplifying Transactions: VGM’s New Payment Integration with Dojo

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature in version 3.9 of VGM - our new direct integration with Dojo, a leader in innovative payment solutions. This partnership is designed to streamline how our customers… Continue Reading

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25th June 2024

Streamline Your Operations with VGM’s New GSF Car Parts Integration

We are excited to announce that our new integration with GSF Car Parts is now live for all users! This partnership marks a significant advancement in how you manage and order car parts directly through… Continue Reading

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21st May 2024

EV Dedicated Brake Pads: Allied Nippon Introduces New Range

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain traction in the automotive market, the need for specialised components tailored to their unique characteristics becomes increasingly apparent.  Allied Nippon, a renowned provider of braking solutions, has risen… Continue Reading

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16th May 2024

Independent Garages In Prime Position As Motorists’ First Choice For Vehicle Care

In a notable shift in consumer behaviour, independent garages across the UK are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for motorists seeking maintenance and repair services for their vehicles. This trend highlights a growing trust and… Continue Reading

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9th May 2024

Websites For Garages: How Motasoft’s Garage Websites Can Support Your Business

In the digital age, a compelling online presence is crucial for businesses across all industries, including the automotive service sector. Motasoft's innovative garage website solutions stand out as a pivotal tool for garages looking to… Continue Reading

dojo featured
7th May 2024

Integrated Payments With Dojo

Introducing Our New Partnership with Dojo: Transforming Payments for Your Business We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dojo, a leading payment provider known for its innovative solutions and robust customer support. This collaboration… Continue Reading

man typing on laptop
12th April 2024

Feature Spotlight: General Improvements

Streamlining Operations with Global Search  Experience the power of our new global search functionality, a feature engineered to drastically reduce the time it takes to find critical information across customers, vehicles, and jobsheets. Accessible directly from… Continue Reading

11th April 2024

Feature Spotlight: HGV MOT History 

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our platform, aimed at providing comprehensive vehicle management capabilities: HGV MOT History integration with the DVSA.   This new feature taps into the DVSA's extensive database, allowing… Continue Reading