12th April 2024

Feature Spotlight: General Improvements

Streamlining Operations with Global Search  Experience the power of our new global search functionality, a feature engineered to drastically reduce the time it takes to find critical information across customers, vehicles, and jobsheets. Accessible directly from the top toolbar, this tool ensures that the details you need are always just a few keystrokes away.  Elevating Customer Management  Customizable Detail Views: Delve into… Continue Reading

11th April 2024

Feature Spotlight: HGV MOT History 

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our platform, aimed at providing comprehensive vehicle management capabilities: HGV MOT History integration with the DVSA.   This new feature taps into the DVSA's extensive database, allowing… Continue Reading

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9th April 2024

Feature Spotlight: Slot Type Addons

In our latest update, we've introduced an innovative feature within VGM that significantly enhances the versatility and functionality of scheduling: slot type addons. This new capability allows for the addition of 'addons' to specific slot… Continue Reading

5th April 2024

Feature Spotlight – Sales Document Enhancements A brief overview of some of the new sales functionality coming to our new interface for VGM Revolutionizing Financial Management with Enhanced Sales Invoicing and Receipts  In the latest version 3.8 update, we're thrilled… Continue Reading

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3rd April 2024

Feature Spotlight: Default CC addresses

We're enhancing our communication tools within VGM with the latest addition that brings even more convenience and efficiency to your daily operations: the ability to add a default CC address to emails. This new feature… Continue Reading

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28th March 2024

Feature Spotlight: Customer contacts 

We are excited to announce a new feature within VGM that significantly enhances your customer management capabilities: the introduction of additional contacts. Now, you can easily add multiple pieces of contact information for each customer,… Continue Reading

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26th March 2024

Feature Spotlight: Jobsheet Overhaul A brief intro to some of the features as part of our new interface for VGM Elevating Efficiency with Fully Customizable Jobsheets  In our quest to continuously refine the tools you rely on, we're proud… Continue Reading

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21st March 2024

Feature Spotlight: Scheduler & Task Management Our brand new scheduler - part of the brand new interface for VGM Maximize Your Efficiency with Enhanced Scheduler Features in Version 3.8!  In our continuous quest to refine and enhance the functionality of… Continue Reading

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28th February 2024

VGM New Features March 2024

Exiting new features for the future of VGM.  As part of our first release of 2024, we've added a huge amount of features to our all-new web-based garage management solution. Working alongside a small group… Continue Reading

19th June 2023

Sage 50 Online Integration 

In our continuous quest to provide you with flexible and convenient solutions for your business needs, we at Motasoft are excited to introduce a new feature in our customer portal: the ability to export your financial data to Sage 50 Online. This functionality enhances the versatility of Virtual Garage Manager (VGM), providing another avenue for integrating your VGM data with your preferred… Continue Reading