Feature Spotlight: Customer contacts 

Feature Spotlight: Customer contacts 

28th March 2024

We are excited to announce a new feature within VGM that significantly enhances your customer management capabilities: the introduction of additional contacts. Now, you can easily add multiple pieces of contact information for each customer, ensuring that all relevant details are readily accessible in one place.  

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This update allows for more comprehensive communication strategies, enabling you to maintain detailed records of customer interactions and preferences, and ultimately, foster stronger relationships with your clients. 

Click here to check out the documentation.

Join Us on the Journey Forward 

Eager to see these innovative features in action or interested in shaping the future of our platform as a beta tester? We’d love to hear from you! Your insights and feedback are invaluable in our continuous effort to enhance our solutions to meet your needs. Drop us a message directly within VGM or reach out via email at to get started. Together, let’s redefine efficiency and productivity for your business. 

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