Feature Spotlight: Jobsheet Overhaul

Feature Spotlight: Jobsheet Overhaul

26th March 2024
A brief intro to some of the features as part of our new interface for VGM

Elevating Efficiency with Fully Customizable Jobsheets 

In our quest to continuously refine the tools you rely on, we’re proud to spotlight the advancements in our jobsheet functionality in version 3.8. Recognizing the pivotal role that jobsheets play in your day-to-day operations, we’ve taken a step further to enhance their versatility and efficiency. Our platform already offers a comprehensive and fully customizable jobsheet system, providing instant access to associated customer and vehicle information, alongside the robust capability to add and manage items effortlessly. 

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With this update, we’ve focused on making jobsheets not just a tool, but a powerhouse of functionality tailored to fit the unique demands of your business. Whether it’s fine-tuning the details of a service or managing complex project workflows, the enhanced features are designed to streamline your processes, improve accuracy, and save you time. 

Fully Customizable Jobsheets 

  • Customizable Jobsheet Dashboard: We understand that every business has its own set of priorities and information needs. That’s why we’ve introduced a more personalized jobsheet overview. Now, you can select and arrange cards to display exactly the information that matters most to you and your team, ensuring a quicker and more efficient workflow. 
  • Enhanced Sales Invoice and Messaging Features: Communication and billing are integral parts of any job. With this in mind, we’ve expanded our jobsheet functionality to include more intuitive invoicing and messaging capabilities. Managing sales invoices, processing prints, and ensuring seamless synchronization between jobsheet items and sales invoices have been made more straightforward, enabling you to maintain clear, accurate, and timely communication with your customers. 

Join Us on the Journey Forward 

Eager to see these innovative features in action or interested in shaping the future of our platform as a beta tester? We’d love to hear from you! Your insights and feedback are invaluable in our continuous effort to enhance our solutions to meet your needs. Drop us a message directly within VGM or reach out via email at to get started. Together, let’s redefine efficiency and productivity for your business. 

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