Get Organized: How to Increase Productivity with Our Virtual Garage Management App

Get Organized: How to Increase Productivity with Our Virtual Garage Management App

29th December 2022

We all know how frustrating it can be to try and keep a garage organised. With so many tools, supplies, vehicles, and customers coming and going on any given day, it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you manage everything in the most efficient way possible. Motasoft’s Virtual Garage Manager (VGM) is the perfect tool for organising your garage business. Let’s take a look at why VGM is the ideal solution for managing your workspace. 

Efficiency & Automation 

VGM was designed with efficiency in mind. From its easy-to-navigate interface to its automated processing features. All of VGM’s features are designed to make your workflow smoother and faster, so you can get more done in less time. Whether you run a one-person operation or employ multiple technicians, VGM makes it easy for everyone to stay organised and on task without sacrificing quality. 

Timely Reminders 

Another great feature of VGM is its ability to send reminders about upcoming jobs and appointments so you don’t forget about them. This ensures that you never miss an important deadline or appointment again! You can also use this feature for sending reports or invoices after the job is completed so that customers receive timely feedback regarding their service requests.  

Customer History & Vehicle History 

Having access to customer history makes it much easier to track who has been in your shop before as well as what services they have requested in the past. Similarly, vehicle history provides detailed information about each car serviced in your shop, from repairs and maintenance performed to parts used, giving you an accurate record of every service interaction.                        

These are just a few of the practical features that Motasoft’s VGM App has to offer.

Using Motasoft’s Virtual Garage Manager app is the best way to increase productivity in your garage, by streamlining processes and centralising data into one easy-to-use app. From booking jobs quickly and accurately to providing timely reminders about appointments or reports due. VGM has everything you need for efficient garage management from start to finish! Garage owners and mechanics who are looking for a way to better manage their garage workspace should definitely consider investing in this powerful software solution!

Visit our virtual garage management page on our website to learn more about how your garage workshop can increase productivity this year!

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