Feature Spotlight: Automated MOT reminder service

Feature Spotlight: Automated MOT reminder service

8th November 2022

Automatically send your customers accurate MOT reminders every year. 

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new VGM feature, our fully automated MOT reminder update service. Our MOT reminder service will always ensure you’re sending MOT reminders at the right time without manually entering and updating MOT due dates against vehicles. 

Until now, VGM primarily created MOT reminders using the date and time of existing MOT bookings. The MOT reminder service works in the background to create new MOT reminders for vehicles and update existing reminders when they go out of date. This is done by getting the MOT due date directly from the DVSA. If one of your vehicles doesn’t have an MOT reminder queued, the service will create one. If the vehicle on your system has an incorrect MOT due date, it will be updated, and the MOT reminder dates will be updated. This MOT reminder service can create SMS*, Email and Postal reminders. 

*Additional cost per SMS. 

How does the automated service work?

Check out our documentation to get a better idea of how the reminders are created. As always, we’re more than happy to help you get things set up.

How can I use the automated MOT reminder service, and how much does it cost? 

There’s no additional cost. This service is part of the VGM subscription; the only additional cost is the cost of SMS credits. Currently, this service is disabled by default, but to have it enabled, please call us on 0117 9 428 678, drop us a line using the live chat in VGM, or check out our documentation for a more in-depth look into how it works. 

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