Feature updates – new VHC features

Feature updates – new VHC features

15th December 2021

We enhanced our VHC functionality substantially earlier in the year by allowing your technicians to add photos to checklists. This functionality has been a great success, with some users taking thousands of images.

With our December release, we add some much-needed management functionality to make it easier to keep on top of all the health checks in progress.

Here is a brief overview of our latest VHC functionality, with links to the relevant documentation – and yes, video functionality will be available during Q1 2022.

Managing VHC’s with the VHC grid.

Managing your VHC checklists – Documentation for the VHC grid.

Different ways to assign VHC checklists to jobs.

How to assign VHC checklists to jobs and technicians – Documentation

Are you not using the VHC functionality?

Get in touch via our online chat or by calling 0117 9 428 678, and we can quickly get you set up.

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