Perfectly simple garage management software.

Virtual Garage Manager is trusted by over 400 garages nationwide.

Virtual Garage Manager has all the essential tools that you’ll need to run your business.

Workshop diary & databases

It’s never been simpler to manage your schedule from anywhere and on any device.

Add, remove, edit and move your bookings quickly with VGM’s slot based workshop diary. Need to search for a specific customer / vehicle / supplier / part? With VGM you can quickly search any of your databases with its powerful search tool.

Quickly switch between viewing the whole diary & custom diary views that you have configured. Only want to view bookings for a specific bay or technician? Not a problem.

Need something a little more free form? VGM also has an Outlook style planner which is a more visual way to plan your day.

Online booking & reminders

Offer a unique customer experience by taking online bookings 24/7 and by keeping in touch with your customers throughout the year.

VGM’s online booking system lets you take bookings 24/7 without losing control. Don’t want all of your slots to be available online? Simple. You control which slots are bookable online and which ones can only be booked internally.

But getting new customers is only half the story. With VGM you can send automated email & SMS reminders for services such as MOT Testing and annual services. You can even get more creative with your marketing by sending SMS mailshots when you have new products and services that you wish to advertise.

Jobsheets & invoicing

Quickly create a jobsheet from any booking,
vehicle or customer then turn that jobsheet into an invoice in seconds.

Jobsheets work exactly how you want. You can add parts, bookings & labour with a few clicks. Want to add some custom text to your jobsheets? Easy. You can create ‘snippets’ of text that are available to every jobsheet.

Upon completion, you can raise an invoice from a jobsheet with a single click. From here you can print, save and email your invoices straight to your customers.

Access your diary from anywhere.

Virtual Garage Manager has been designed with accessibility in mind. You can access your diary from anywhere with an internet connection, so you can work from home, the office and even from the beach (if you’re that way inclined).

All of our online booking systems have been designed with mobiles and tablets in mind, meaning you’ll never miss a booking.