Feature Spotlight – New Dashboard Widgets

Feature Spotlight – New Dashboard Widgets

30th March 2022

Introducing a wide range of Dashboard Widgets 

At the end of 2021, we introduced the new customisable dashboard – a new central hub for VGM that you and your technicians can entirely customise. The feedback we’ve had has been incredibly positive, and we intend to release a new wave of widgets with each upcoming release of VGM. 

Our primary focus with this release is to provide a set of graphs and widgets to help display figures from key sales figures stored within VGM. When adding a new widget from your dashboard, you’ll now see new areas for: 

  • Sales Invoices 
  • Sales Credits 
  • Sales Quotes 
  • Sales Labour 
  • Sales Refunds 
  • Sales Receipts 
  • Sales Parts 
  • Tyres 
  • SMS 

Each area features 2-3 or different graphs and charts to visualise your critical business data. Below are a few examples: 

image 1
image 2

Dashboard Templates 

We’ve also created some default dashboard templates that can be used as a good starting point when building your dashboard. You’ll find this option when you click ‘Add Dashboard’. 

image 4

How to create a new user dashboard.

For more information on how to create a user dashboard, click here to read ‘Create and edit user dashboards’.

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