Autotrader Integration

Autotrader Integration

25th February 2021

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Auto Trader car feed widget.

Working alongside AutoTrader, we’ve built a widget that can be included on a Motasoft website. The Auto Trader car feed will show a list of all of your vehicles. They can then click through and view extensive information about each vehicle and send an inquiry directly to you when they are interested.

The vehicle feed looks stylish on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Below is an example of how the vehicle feed looks.

autotrader results 1

Below is an example of how a vehicle page looks.


We also have a smaller car search widget, which could be placed elsewhere on our websites as a call to action.



If you’re interested in having our a Motasoft website with an Auto Trader widget, please get in touch via the live chat, by emailing or by calling 0117 9 428 678.

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