VGM Release February 2021

VGM Release February 2021

24th February 2021

Enhancements to VGM, Booking System, the Company Portal, the Technician Companion App. Bugfixes to all applications.

Check out the previous release notes as well!



Xero Integration
Upgraded Xero integration to OAuth2.

Add Attachments to Quotes
VGM now allows users to add various file types such as PDF, Video, Images, Document and Excel spreadsheets to Quotes.

Add Attachments to Job sheets
VGM now allows users to add various file types such as PDF, Video, Images, Document and Excel spreadsheets to Job sheets.

Technician Planner
Added next week as a jobsheet filter in the Technician Planner.

Xero Integration
Set Xero Bank account against payment types for the direct Xero integration.

VGM Image 3

Moving Tasks in the Technician Planner
There is a new context menu option to quickly move tasks to today, tomorrow or next week.

VGM Image 4

Job Templates
Added estimated hours to the Job Templates.

Purchase Orders
Users can now set a status of Cancelled.

Technical Data
Technical Data has been moved from using its flash player implementation to using Haynes Pro white label.

Create a Quote Button
Added a Create Quote button to the booking details form in VGM.

MOT History
Auto search for vehicle MOT history when going to the tab in the edit vehicle screen.

Clocking On and Off Tasks
Allow clocking on and off tasks in technician planner but show a prompt if it causes a technician to be clocked off another job.

Purchase Invoices
The Purchase Order number now shows in the Purchase Invoice list, it has also been added to the Purchase Invoice Itemised Report.

Manual VAT Adjustments
Manual VAT adjustment on Sales Invoice & Credit lines.

VMG Image 5

Searching Customer Records
Search criteria have now been added to the customer search in the report criteria screen, making it much easier to search customer records.

More Accurate SMS Message Previews

  • Show a full preview of bulk message SMS with a breakdown of credits.
  • Show how many credits are being used in the SMS Manager screen. 
  • Stop users from sending any SMS messages over their allocated credit limit.
  • Introduced concept of ‘Transactional’ message used when an unsubscribe short link is not applicable.

Technician Companion App

  • Changed tabs to be FutureCurrent and Completed. 
  • Future shows all tasks assigned to users, not just for today.
  • Current shows all tasks that are outstanding from today’s date (Including overdue tasks). 
  • Complete shows the 20 most recently completed tasks.
  • Removed date selector on task tab. 
  • Redesigned the task card. 

Add and Edit Vehicle Mileage available in the Technician Companion App

  • Added “More” button to job sheet detail. 
  • Added “Update Mileage” to the “More” menu.
  • “Update Mileage” allows users to update job sheet mileage and vehicle mileage (vehicle mileage will not be updated by default).

Booking System

Additional Filters for Featured Tyres
VGM Users can now set a Featured Brand to display at the top of the tyre results with additional configuration available such as prioritising winter or summer tyres for example.

Additional Filters for Tyre Results
Additional filter options in the tyre results screen will now allow users to filter results by run-flat, SUV and van tyres.

Vehicle Registration Search
VRM vehicle search has now been implemented at the customer enter details step.

Vehicle Feed
New booking system module that integrates directly with Auto Trader, allowing you to display vehicles you have for sale within your booking system. Users can view details and submit enquiry forms.

vrm screenshot

Bug Fixes


  • Bug: When deleting a task, if a technician has already logged time against it the time logging information is also lost.
    Fix: Implemented a warning message if a user is about to delete a task with time already logged against it. Tasks will no longer be physically deleted from our database, meaning retrieving deleted data is now possible. 
  • Bug: Adding parts to a document doesn’t retrieve parts based on their barcode.
    Fix: Implemented barcode search here. 
  • Bug: When adding a customer record with notes to a Jobsheet the notes get cleared down.
    Fix: Fixed the bug that was causing the notes to be cleared. 
  • Bug: Break tags in booking notes are causing exceptions in the planner.
    Fix: Remove break tags from booking notes. 
  • Bug: Line breaks appearing in Labour Item descriptions.
    Fix: Remove any line breaks from labour items. 
  • Bug: Bulk Messaging not checking max credit usage when sending SMS, causing some messages to be cut short.
    Fix: Implement additional validation and a message preview to give users a better idea of what they’re sending out. 
  • Bug: Message send status showing an incorrect number of messages.
    Fix: Changed the preview to give correct and better information about what is being sent out. 
  • Bug: Add tyres to document can cause VRM exception when either front or rear isn’t available.
    Fix: Better handling of incomplete VRM data. 
  • Bug: Sales Invoices not returning some vehicle registrations when searching.
    Fix: Search needed improving to return registration numbers that might have white space. 
  • Bug: Zip file extensions not being recognised by Firefox.
    Fix: Change download response mime type. 
  • Bug: Need to make it clearer which temp part nominal code is assigned to a document.
    Fix: Implement inline edit for temp parts on purchase invoices. 
  • Bug: Opening the diary configurator and switching tabs refreshes the window, making it impossible to close.
    Fix: Show modal overlay background. 
  • Bug: Opening an already closed Jobsheet revalidates mileage making it impossible to close again if you’ve just switched that validation on.
    Fix: Skip validation if a Jobsheet has already been invoiced. 

Technician Companion App

  • Bug: Doesn’t keep you logged in between sessions.
    Fix: Reimplemented persisting user login. 
  • Bug: Push notifications stop working after the first log out.
    Fix: The token was not being reinitialized properly – this is now fixed. 
  • Bug: Stop devices from getting notifications after users log out.
    Fix: Clear tokens when running the logout procedure. 
  • Bug: Customer Postcode missing.
    Fix: Added customer postcode. 

Booking System

  • Bug: Local storage issue on old iPad.
    Fix: Handling this specific case. 
  • Bug: Missing check for VRM availability causing lookup to show when it shouldn’t.
    Fix: Added additional logic to only show VRM when applicable. 
  • Bug: Selecting services not available when clicking ‘start again’.
    Fix: Fixed logic error that was causing the issue. 
  • Bug: Can navigate to previous months in the calendar.
    Fix: Added validation to restrict navigation. 
  • Bug: Decimal engine sizes causing errors.
    Fix: Convert decimal to correct data type. 

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